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  • USA, New York City
  • Né(e) en:1972
  • Assistant depuis:2018
  • Permis de conduire:Voiture
  • Voiture personelle:voiture personnelle disponible
  • Passeport:oui
  • Langues:Anglais

Assistant photo, Opérateur numérique

Paul Destocki

People, Portrait, Mode, Beauté, Nature morte, Culinaire


I have been behind the lens since 1983.

I am PHASE ONE POCP Certified as well as Photigy Product Photography Certified.

In addition to PHASE ONE CAPTURE ONE Pro 11 proficient, I am familiar with GIMP 2.10, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Raw Therapee.

The following camera systems are familiar to me: PHASE ONE

XF and DF+, Sigma SD, Canon 5D, 5DII, EOS1 DS Mk3, as well as Rollei 6000 series, Hasselblad 500 series, and a variety of film slrs.

I am fully capab;e with various lighting setups with both strobes as well as speed lights.

I currently use the 51MP Sigma SD Quattro H

Références en tant qu'assistant / Carrière

BBA Business Administration, Ohio University - 2002
Academy of Excellence, Darkroom Training - 1986
Photography Studio Owner - 1999

- 2001
PHASE ONE Professional Certified - 2018
Photigy School of Photography, Product Photography Certified - 2018


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