• France, Paris
  • Né(e) en:1995
  • Assistant depuis:2016
  • Permis de conduire:pas de permis de conduire
  • Voiture personelle:pas de voiture personnelle
  • Passeport:oui
  • Langues:Anglais, Allemand

Assistant photo

Patrick Mayr

People, Portrait, Architecture, Mode, Beauté, Nature morte, Culinaire


I can handle Canon, Nikon as well as PhaseOne XF.
Also, I worked with a lot of different flash equipment (Profoto, Hensel, Elinchrome, Bowens, Priolite, Arri, Dedolight) and of course with Photoshop, Lightroom, CaptureOne, InDesign and other programs.

Unfortunately I don’t speak french but my english is fluent and it was never an issue at former shootings in Paris.

My strength is my big interest in photography, fast learning and that I always want to get better!

Références en tant qu'assistant / Carrière

Currently in Paris

Practical year in Paris since september 2018

Munich University of Applied Sciences
Department of Design (Photodesign): since WS 2016/17

International Munich Art Lab: September 2015 to July 2016

Vocational technical diploma (Fachabitur): July 2015

Grown up in Munich

Born: 1995-10-20

Assistance activities:
- Andreas Achmann
- Carolin Fries
- Laura Stevens
- Patrick Frost
- Jörg Mette
- Martin Nink
- Christoph Seeberger
- Marc Wittkowski

Andreas Achmann, Stagiaire photo, 0-6 mois
Carolin Fries, Assistant photo freelance, 1 à 5 jobs
Laura Stevens, Employé en tant qu'assistant photo, 0-6 mois
Patrick Frost, Assistant photo freelance, plus de 5 jobs
Jörg Mette, Assistant photo freelance, plus de 5 jobs
Martin Nink, Assistant photo freelance, 1 à 5 jobs
Christoph Seeberger, Assistant photo freelance, 1 à 5 jobs
Marc Wittowski, Assistant photo freelance, 1 à 5 jobs


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