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  • USA, Chicago
  • Né(e) en:1996
  • Assistant depuis:2019
  • Permis de conduire:Voiture
  • Voiture personelle:pas de voiture personnelle
  • Passeport:oui
  • Langues:Anglais

Assistant photo

Matthew Shewaye

People, Portrait


I am very familiar with Canon digital systems, as well as most analog film systems ranging from 35mm to 8x10. While I shoot film often for personal work, I have no issues working with whatever suites the project best.

I also have over 2 years worth of experience with studio lighting, including Pocket Wizard, flash connector and

power box setups. I have also become very familiar with lighting sets ranging from 1 to 5 lights.

Above all else, I am willing and eager to learn new techniques and skills as I work to both better help whoever it is I am assisting as well as further my own career and knowledge.

Références en tant qu'assistant / Carrière

I am currently employed as a photographer/photography assistant at TK Photography Studio in Chicago, where I both assist in other photographer shoots as well as shoot my own solo events.

Thomas Kubik, Employé en tant qu'assistant photo, plus de 6 mois


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