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  • France, Toulouse
  • Né(e) en:1982
  • Assistant depuis:2009
  • Permis de conduire:Voiture
  • Voiture personelle:voiture personnelle disponible
  • Passeport:oui
  • Langues:Anglais, Français 

Assistant photo, Opérateur numérique

Antoine Heusse

People, Portrait, Architecture, Repérage, Mode, Beauté, Reportage, Prod. assistant, Nature morte, Culinaire, Voiture, Exp. internationale


Indoor / Outdoor Studio
Fashion, Beauty, Corporate, Architecture, Pack Shot
Daylight / Strobe / Tungstene
Full / medium / 24x36 camera : Canon, Nikon, PhaseOne, Sinar, Linhof, Hasselblad, Mamiya
Lighting: Broncolor, Elinchrom, Hensel, Profoto, Bowens, Multiblitz, Lowel
Positive attitude
Mac and PC user / Computer support / LAN

Adobe LightRoom and Capture One user
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Acrobat Pro CS5 and previous version user
RGB and CMYK color for print / ink print / web / pre-press
Direct retouch picture / post-production
Film Scan (4x5", 120, 135, E6, C41, B&W ...)
Webdesign, HTML, CSS

Références en tant qu'assistant / Carrière

Work Experiences
· 2007 – 2012: Freelance Assistant Photographer and Digital Tech:
I assist multiple photographers in South Florida, local photographers but also photographers from
NewYork, Los Angeles, Chicago and from other countries. I can travel to assist abroad and all over the US
(French Passport and valid US VISA ).
I can set up a studio indoor/outdoor with strobes and/or natural light, and I can also take care of the digital
aspect: capture, retouch on the set, secure the files.
I assist a very large range of photographic domains: Fashion, Lifestyle, Portrait, Corporate, Architecture...
· 2007 – 2009: Digital Tech in a Professional Photographic Lab:
I prepared files for large printers on Adobe softwares to have them printed on Epson, HP and OCE
printers. Our clients included Airbus, RipCurl, Ralf Lauren, Toyota....
I used daily Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and all the graphic tools to have perfectly matching colors.
· 2004 – 2007: Associate's Degree Internship:
· Assistant at Le Studio – Rouchon (Paris): Indoor/outdoor studio shoots: fashion, beauty, pack shot.
I prepared the studio for the photographer and supervised light and camera for the shoot.
I used daylight, strobe, tungsten in digital and traditional camera, all formats.
· Agence VU’ (Paris): I searched and prepared illustration pictures for magazines and newspapers.
· Assistant at MinH production (Toulouse): Assistant for fashion, reportage, packshot.
· 2006 – 2007 : Bachelor's Degree of photography in ETPA (photography university), in Toulouse, France
· 2004 – 2006 : Associate's Degree of photography – ETPA
· 2003 – 2004 : Preparatory Year for the entrance exam's ETPA School at university of Sciences in Toulouse.
· Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, LightRoom, Capture One – ICC profile calibration for camera,
printer and screen – CMJN and RVB print – Mac and PC user. Good Knowledge about LAN and computer
· Camera Material: Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Mamiya, and full sized camera (sheet by sheet).
· Lighting Material : ProFoto, Hensel, Broncolor, Lowel, Helinchrom, Bowens.
· Language: French (native language) – English (good level)

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Beth Studenberg, Assistant photo freelance, plus de 1 an
matthew pace, Assistant photo freelance, plus de 1 an
Periwinkle, Assistant de production, plus de 1 an


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